Lisa Evans

I have been doing agility since 2007. I started with my first Australian shepherd, Bella. We went to two AKC National Agility Championships and achieved 4 Master Agility Championships. I also trained and ran my 2nd Aussie, Dante. He earned his Masters Titles before retiring. In 2012 I welcomed my Shetland Sheepdog Lucca to our family and have gone on many adventures together. He earned his first MACH at age 3. Lucca is now 7 years old and we are working towards MACH5.  We have competed in 2 AKC National Agility Championships.  We also competed as a White Dog at The European Open Tryouts in 2017 & 2018. Lucca and I have been to four Masters Championships at Westminster finishing 6th in 2018. Lucca also made the finals at the US Open in 2018 jumping in the 20inch division as a Sheltie. In June of 2019, Lucca and I made the Podium, finishing 2nd place in the Masters Heat Series at The UKI North East Regional Cup. 
I acquired my 2nd Sheltie and fourth agility dog, Daisy in 2016.  We are having a great time together earning titles in AKC & UKI Agility. Our recent adventures & successes include, competing at the 2019 European Open Tryouts. Daisy and I came in 2nd place in the ISC Jumpers at the SOJAC AKC Agility Trial, Oct, 2019. 
We had a Podium placement at a January 2020 USDAA Team Event, coming in 3rd place overall. 
I have worked with many of the top competitors in agility like John Nys, Marcy Mantell, Janita & Jaakko and Zsofi Biro. 
My program and teaching methods concentrate on using  all the different skills and tools I’ve learned over the years and applying them for each individual team. I have learned how important it is to build a solid relationship of trust with your dog, always keeping in mind that having fun is why we all got involved with agility.